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  • Beth Wilkie

  • 5th graders have started a fervor about the series March by John Lewis & Andrew Aydin



    Sydney says:

    March taught me a lot about segregation. I learned it was unfair and wrong what white people did to blacks. The blacks did nothing wrong, except peacefully protest, but they were beaten and put in jail. If you ask me, this is a very educational book and I really enjoyed the series.

    I would not recommend it to readers in grades Kindergarten through 4th grade. They might get scared about all of the beatings and violence. Middle schoolers could handle it, if they were interested in this type of thing. All in all, March was a pretty good book series and it helped me understand much more about racism and inequality.


    Kayley says:

    I love the book series because, it helped me understand Martin Luther King Jr. It helps me understand why he was assassinated on that fateful day. Dr. King was a healthy man that fought for without hurting anyone. The march on Washington was a non-violent protest to help colored people have a voice. Thank you for letting me read this series to help me understand more about Martin Luther King Jr.   



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  • 2016 Ladybug Book Award - Persuasive Argument

    Posted by Beth Wilkie at 12/20/2016 1:00:00 AM

    The 2016 Ladybug Book Award results are in!

    Do you agree that It's Only Stanley by Jon Agee is the best of the 10 books we read? 

    If not, why is your first choice a better book? (Story, artwork, characters)

    If you agree with the winner, why was it the best book?

    Add your NAME and GRADE at the bottom of your writing.

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