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  • Beth Wilkie

  • April is National Poetry Month

    please enjoy this work by 3rd grader Addison Allain, who happens to be gifted with smallishness:


    Peggy, Meggy and quiet Tim Teggy all had very long legs.

    They all towered so high they reached the sky.

    They could never fit through the door. What a bore!

    Everyone tried to make them bend down but when they did they hit the ground.

    Ain't no clothes for the guys. I'm afraid there was nothing they could buy. 

    But the worst of all is no books to come to them by ladder, because the pages would fly and hit the ground with a splatter!

    You now see the problems of being very tall. You're so lucky you're very small!



    Earth Day is April 22nd

    is April 22nd



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  • What do you pledge to do to make Earth Day everyday?

    Posted by Beth Wilkie at 4/14/2017
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