•  Welcome to Plymouth Elementary School


    Our Mission 

    Educating children to become caring, capable citizens and lifelong learners in a global community. 


    • Students will take a responsible role in learning process and actively participate in the school community.
    • Parents will collaborate with teachers and support their child's academic and social goals. 
    • Teachers will collaborate to prepare challenging and motivating program that requires students to demonstrate growth in all subject areas. 
    • Administrators will assist in educating all students to high levels of academic performance and provide a safe, culturally enriching learning environment. 

    Plymouth Elementary School Goals

    In order for each student to become a self-fulfilled person and a successful productive citizen, the school shall provide experiences that enable the student to:

    • Attain a level of mastery in the basic areas of reading, mathematics, and communication skills appropriate to the student's individual abilities. 
    • Develop an understanding of social and political systems, and encourage responsible participation in our democratic process.
    • Gain insight into the nature of human relationships, respect the rights of others and develop successful interpersonal skills. 
    • Develop a basic understanding of how our economy works and utlize those consumer skills necessary for personal economic survival. 
    • Understand and practice personal behaviors which lead to sound mental and physical health. 
    • Develop an understanding of natural laws of science, especially as they affect ecological balance and to appreciate and participate in the maintence of that balance. 
    • Practice a system of values and ethics conducive to the well-being of the students, the school, and society. 
    • Develop creative and critical thinking, and an intellectual curiosity for lifelong learning. 
    • Be aware of and appreciate world cultures through a variety of experiences derived from the fine arts and the humanities. 
 Principal Julie Flynn

Phone: Ext. 313


Degrees and Certifications:

Principal Julie Flynn

Welcome to Plymouth Elementary School!  Each day, I am honored and privileged to serve as the principal of such a vibrant learning community. 

Before becoming a principal, I was an English teacher for grades 7 through 12.  My original mission was focused on a passion for reading and writing.  As my experiences deepen, I realize how diverse each individual learner is and my personal mission around learning in this complex world continues to evolve.  The foundation of all the daily principal duties are the simple acts of listening and learning about our students’ hopes and dreams and working with families and teachers to help make those dreams happen in a safe and respectful learning environment.  One of my all time heroes is Fritz the pony from Jan Brett’s beautiful picture book, Fritz and the Beautiful Horses.  Fritz is kind and reliable and helps the children safely cross over a bridge safely to their homes.  I highly recommend it!

My learning has taken me from Connecticut where I grew up, to the University of South Carolina where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in English. Later at Plymouth State University I earned a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and currently have a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from the University of New Hampshire.  

Our staff at Plymouth Elementary School is our Champion Team.  In addition to literacy, we value problem solving, creativity, and overall well-being for each child.  Each day at Plymouth Elementary School is a learning adventure —we explore, play, work hard, study, share, and quite simply, we learn. 

I enjoy precious time with my family~hiking, running road races, sharing books, and traveling. 

Working with families is a cornerstone of Plymouth Elementary School. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, I encourage you to contact me via email, phone or simply stop in for a visit.  I look forward to our conversation.

Thank you!

 Assistant Principal Kelley Carey

Phone: Ext. 331


Degrees and Certifications:

Assistant Principal Kelley Carey

Kelley Carey began her career in education as a Physical Education/Health teacher and has taught all grade levels K-12.  She later served as Athletic Director for 14 years between Newfound Regional High School and Lebanon High School.  In 2013 she took on the position of Assistant Princiapl at PES. 

She holds a bachelor of science degree from Plymouth State College and a master of education/principal certification from Plymouth State University.  She is most proud of serving as captain of the PSC Women's NCAA runner-up Soccer team, being awarded class and state Athletic Director of the year titles, living in the wonderful community of Plymouth that she and her husband chose to return to and settle in and her very caring and supportive family! 

She enjoys all sports, music, a good sense of humor, and quality time with her family. 

  • Grade 2
  • Grade 4
  • Intermediate Wing
  • Library Media Center
  • Middle School
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