•  2-3

    Grades 2 & 3 – Mrs. Sarah Cormiea

    Second and Third grade is taught as a combined classroom. We follow the Responsive Classroom approach, and begin each day with an interactive morning meeting. Second and Third Grade focuses strongly on reading and writing. Students engage in daily spelling, grammar, and reading lessons, as well as handwriting and journals. We have started a brand new Reading program this year called, Wonders, which follows the Common Core Standards. We will be continuing our third year using, Math in Focus, which also follows the Common Core Standards. Technology is woven into the curriculum daily using whiteboard interactives, IPADS, and computers. Art is also integrated into the curriculum, along with music and movement.


    Language Arts, Math, and Reading are taught separately by grade level, while Science and Social Studies are taught as a whole group. This year the Third Grade Science curriculum and Social Studies curriculum are being taught in accordance with the SAU #48 guidelines.


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