Grades 6-8 - Mrs. Gale Adams-Davis & Ms. Kim Rawson



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Grades 6-8 - Mrs. Gale Adams-Davis & Ms. Kim Rawson

Math is a challenging experience at WVES.  Students learn to become mathematicians.  They use tools of the trade.

¨ Daily 1.5 hour Math Block

¨ EveryDay Math Curriculum K-6

¨ Math In Focus (Singapore Math) 7-8

¨ Math Enrichment

¨ Opportunity for acceleration into Algebra I Honors and Geometry Honors

Language Arts

WVES uses a Balanced Literacy Approach which includes:  reading, writing, K-8 spelling instruction, speaking and listening activities and related skills.

¨ Daily Two Hour Literacy Block

¨ Daily Writing Across the Curriculum

¨ Guided Reading Instruction

¨ Basal Instruction (Grades 2-6)

¨ Daily Independent Reading

¨ K-8 Assessments/Literacy Benchmarks

¨ Genre Studies (Classics-Contemporary)

¨ I Love to Read Month

¨ Author Visits 

Grades 6-8 Useful Links 

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