• Mathematics

         We live in a data driven society that ultimately relies on a person’s ability to reason mathematically. In the world today we are bombarded with vast amounts of quantitative information. Therefore, the level of mathematical thinking and problem solving required to analyze and communicate has increased dramatically. In such a world mathematical competence opens doors to productive futures. All students deserve an opportunity to understand the power and beauty of mathematics. The Mathematics Department offers sequences of college preparatory courses for students with varied learning styles and academic interests. It is our goal to provide the means to develop the habits of mind of a mathematician and to think critically. We believe all students can reach high standards of academic achievement through our supportive and academically focused environment.  Student motivation and the completion of necessary prerequisites are the major factors in determining which sequence a student will follow. Students and parents are advised to consult with the teacher and guidance counselor in the event that there are any questions regarding course information, prerequisite skills, and appropriate sequences. It is also important to read the course level descriptions that can be found in our program of studies.