• Science

        The Science Department strives to offer a curriculum that is flexible enough to meet the needs of students with a variety of plans for the future. There are courses which prepare our students for college and other professional training; practical courses which meet the needs and interests of students as future citizens; and courses to familiarize the student with his/her environment and associated problems. Many different teaching methods are used in these courses including lectures, audio-visual aids, laboratory exercises, problem solving by the students, and tests. Proper laboratory techniques and the evaluation of data are stressed. Students are encouraged to investigate on their own. It is hoped that a basis for further learning is built and at the same time that the students’ interest in science is reinforced. Three years of science (one year of biology and one year of physical science, plus one year of another science) are required for graduation. Many students at Plymouth Regional High School take four or five science courses before graduation. We encourage this and offer a wide variety of courses to meet students’ interests and needs. The decision about placement in Biology in Grade 9 (whether to take Foundations in Biology or Biology) should be based on an evaluation of the student’s abilities and work ethic. Success in Biology depends heavily on reading comprehension,vocabulary acquisition, and written and oral communication skills.