Art – Ms. Jude Wilcox

  • The Art Program has four (4) major aspects: seeing visual relationships, the making of art, the study of art, and the critical evaluation of art. The emphasis is on making works of art with a variety of materials and processes. At the same time, students grow in critical thinking skill and social and aesthetic skills. Creativity and self-expression are fostered in each student. Students have general art classes each week and additionally each teacher schedules integrated art projects with the art teacher to enhance content area subjects.


Music – Mrs. Laurel Dodge

  • The Music Program at WVES consists of general music classes each week and optional instrumental music lessons and band ensembles in grades 4-8. It incorporates the basic elements of music: rhythm, meter, tempo, beat, pitch, movement, and performance. Additionally, there is a Holiday concert and a Spring musical in which all children, K-8 participate.

    Instrumental Music: each student in grades 4-8 is given an opportunity to study an instrument of their choice. Students will receive individual or small group lessons during school time. Requirements for band membership are home and school practice and attendance at rehearsals and performances. Music performances are scheduled in during morning meeting the last Friday of each month.

PE – Ms. Eydie Kendall

  • It is a known fact that physical activity improves overall health.  Not only does it improve circulation, increase blood flow to the brain, and raise endorphin levels, which all help to reduce stress, improve mood and attitude, and calm children, physically active students may also achieve more academically.  The Physical Education Program at WVES takes advantage of the resort area facilities when possible.  This extensive P.E. program includes skiing, swimming, skating, hiking, biking and tennis.