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    2019 NH Summer Learning Challenge  The New Hampshire Department of Education has launched a 2019 Summer Learning Challenge in an effort to help students sustain and improve their skill levels and minimize the “summer slide” – the decline of achievement levels and retention of information while they are out of school.Here you will find support in reading and math!



    Technology Mission Statement

    Our vision is to facilitate an understanding of the history of how information technology has changed the way knowledge is conveyed. We will also learn, along with our students, how technology impacts us as consumers of information. In this way, we will produce individuals who are highly productive and conscientious members of the community and society.
    We realize that educational technology is one component of a larger system for improved student outcomes. Information technology will be integrated into the curriculum in such a manner that it cannot be separated from the learning process. Utilizing current educational technology will ensure the academic achievement of every student and guide the development and implementation of improved classroom practices.
    Aligned with our SAU #48 goals, SAU #48 students will use educational technology to develop strategies for solving problems, enhance their access to information, collect data, analyze data, increase productivity, produce creative work, communicate ideas, improve learning, and develop workforce skills. Students will interact with information in a dynamic process rather than just as static sets of facts appearing on a printed page. Teachers will appropriately assess student progress through the use of educational technology, and school administrators will use technology in school management.


    Data Quality Campaign - Why Education Data

    Google Privacy Policy

    A Parents Guide to Student Data Privacy

    Protecting Student Privacy

    Students Privacy 101: FERPA for Parents and Students 


 NH Conservation License Plate



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NH Conservation License Plate


In 1993, a class of fourth graders in Ms. Kellogg’s class at Holderness Central School were reading about conservation license plates from other states and wondered why New Hampshire didn’t have one. Four and half years later, they were invited to go to Concord to be with Governor Shaheen when she signed the bill for the moose license plate.

Home of the Moose Plate “Students at Holderness Central School in New Hampshire were driven to change the law – a license-plate law that is …”

Scholastic News, May 18, 1998

Boston Globe “a thorough lesson in the democratic process”

Union Leader “students say the effort was worth the wait”


Convervation Plate Website