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    How long can library books be kept? 

    PES library books are automatically checked out for 2 weeks, Graphic Novels are the exception which are checked out for 1 week.  

    Students must RENEW or return books at the school library before the DATE DUE they stamp on the slip in the back of their library book to avoid their account being blocked. 

    Students are trained and responsible for their our Self-Checkout process at the Library Learning Commons Circulation Desk: How to self-checkout

    PES Library Book Shelves Maps - by grade 3 

    Books may be returned anytime the building is open. 

    Lexile to AR conversation chart.

    All school community members have a personal library catalog account where due dates can be viewed (under My Info)

    Username: 29hpotter [Year of graduation First Intitial Last Name (no spaces, no capital letters)]

    Password: Harry will never forget Harry's password

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