• Special Education Director
    Tonia Orlando

    Special Education Secretary
    Kathy Howard

  • Special Education Teachers/Case Manager    

    Pat Baron    

    Kristin Crotts

    Julie Fogarty

    Matt Friend  

    Danee Morrison  

    Lynda Niles       

    Anne Pierce

    Student Teacher
    Amelia Dougherty 

    Title 1 - Reading Teacher
    Brian Kosanovich

    Learning Center Staff
    Krystal Francis
    Allison Flynn

    Speech and Language Assistant
    Stephanie LaClair



  • Transitions Program Paraprofessionals

    Charlene Anderson

    Kendra Austin

    Brittany Gallagher

    Nancy Glidden

    Vicki Gallagher

    Shonna Perrin



    General Academic Support Paraprofessionals/ 1:1 Paraprofessionals

    Hannah Boutin

    Ryan Cameron

    Aaron Finley 

    Greg Dalzell

    Michele Giordano

    Nick Hercules

    Kenady Kelly

    Veronica King 

    Paul Pihl

    Mary Jo Levitsky

    Mike Pogue



  • Contracted Service Providers

    Occupational Therapist: Jean Clougherty and Alyssa Avery of Dunstan Pediatric Services

    Physical Therapist: Beth Mattson of Newfound PT

    Speech and Language Pathologist: Bridget Powers of White Mountain Speech

    Teacher of the Deaf: Stacey Haggett

    Selective Mutism Consultant:  Annie DiVello

    Teacher of the Visually Impaired: Theresa Lord of Boothby Services

    Orientation & Mobility Specialist: Esther Butler 

    Behavioral Consultant: Tim LaVallee of Bill White Associates

    Autism Consultant: Jill LaVallee of Bill White Associates

    Autism Behavioral Support Specialist: Brittany Lavigne

    Autism Behavioral Support Aides: Melissa Geaumont & Hannah Plimpton of Bill White Associates

    English as a Second Language: Alice Gomes