Wellness at HCS

  • Holderness Central School’s Health and Wellness initiative is based on the simple notion that healthy students are better prepared to learn. We believe that our society can achieve better outcomes in both education and health by increasing connectivity and collaboration between physical, social and emotional health and education

    A healthier school environment is one in which all students have access to health services. The school setting supports students’ well-being and student health builds a foundation for learning. In this environment, good nutrition, physical activity, basic safety, clean air and water, access to care, and education about making healthy choices allow students to thrive. In a healthy school, students learn—through lessons and through example—to value their own health and that of the environment. We at Holderness Central School are proud of the following indoor and outdoor opportunities we provide our students:

    At Holderness Central School, all students have access to a clean and safe environment. Students are provided with nutritious meals and opportunities for physical activity—including PE classes and recess. Students learn about the importance of nutrition and activity through school-wide yearly Wellness initiatives.

    Health, Wellness, and Physical Education Classes:
    We recognize physical and social/emotional health as an integral part of excellence in education. We integrate health and wellness into the school curricula. Students in grades K-8 receive Physical Education Classes, Health Classes, and Wellness Class. Curricula for all three classes are aligned with Common Core and the American School Counselor’s Association state standards.
    School Nurse and School Counselor:
    Research shows that access to care improves wellness and academic achievement. All students have access to health services through the school nurse and school counselor.
    Recess Time:
    Students experience two recesses a day on our new playground. Upon arrival to school in the morning students are gathered outside for supervised play time in addition to snack and lunch recess.

    Nature Trail:
    Currently our student council is working on creating a nature trail on school property for students and the community to enjoy.
    Physical Education Class:
    P.E. is offered to students two days a week. Forty minute classes for all grades teach children to work collaboratively with each other, team build, stay active while using their bodies, and sport/game rule.
    The Polar Club:
    The Polar Club exists during the winter months when cold weather temperatures make it a possibility to stay indoors for recess. For parents who are comfortable with their children playing outside in temperatures lower than 10 degrees, we have the option, with permission, to join the Polar Club. As long as students are properly dressed and wish to go outdoors to play, the Polar Club group goes outdoors during recess when the temperature is 10 degrees or below.

    Indoor Play:
    Indoor play is an option for students remaining inside for temperatures less than 10 degrees. The gym is open for indoor play, a room is open for game time, and for times in the year around holidays, there will occasionally be an age-appropriate holiday themed movie playing.

    Ski Fridays:
    Winter weather does not keep us inside! Every Friday students participate in Friday winter skiing, the entire school goes skiing or skating at our local mountains and ice arenas.