Lion's Club Vision Screening

Vision Screening 2018- 2019

This is to inform you that this year we will again be having the Lions Club to perform our annual vision screenings here at RES. The Lions Club has a longstanding commitment to Children’s Health and Wellness and will be providing the screenings using the Spot Vision Screener by Welch-Allyn. This takes an instant scan your child’s eyes to determine the possible presence of eye disorders. This screening is widely known and recommended by eye care professionals. The screening will take place in the nurse’s office on Tuesday 03/05/2019, in the morning. No physical contact is made with the child and no eye drops are required. They simply look at some blinking lights in the handheld screener for a few seconds with the school nurse present.

Visit online to learn more about the Spot Vision Screener.

This screening is considered preliminary and if a concern is discovered, needs to be followed up with a complete eye exam by an eye care professional.

If you prefer not to have your child screened or you have questions please contact Brooke Wisner, RN @ 786-9591 ext.122